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The origins

The associative need of of the companies belonging to the sector of bakery, pastry and pizzerias has remote roots dated back to 20 years ago, and has given various replies considered as not satisfactory.

With the setting-up of SIPAN, born in 2006 from the iniziative of 23 companies, the needs of many small and medium enterprises find a first concrete way out through the organisation of a bakery exhibition called AB Tech Expo, of which the first successful edition was in May 2007 and brought the entry of new members in SIPAN.

SIPAN inclination to create solutions for the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises develops, further on, in 2008 with the distribution of services supporting the management and the promotion of the members.
The web site, in which each member has at his disposal free of charge a page for the presentation of his company and his products, is an example.

SIPAN develops in this way, as a no profit association, really able to operate for the advantage of its members.